Ms. Woodhull's humor...had me laughing almost every page."

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"This author can crack me up like no one else."
                                     -- Mandi, Smexy Books
Samantha Lytton #2, THE DIMPLE STRIKES BACK, is getting love!

"...this author can write really hot sex scenes in an otherwise, silly, quirky book. I appreciate that *wink* There are a few scenes and lines in this book that had me laughing so hard." -- Smexy Books

"Lucy Woodhull is an author you need to experience to understand. Her funny, energetic take on writing will make you laugh and swoon while constantly keeping you on edge." -- Ramblings From a Chaotic Mind

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In which I discuss Man Candles:  For the Man Who Mans While Needin' to Smell Man Stuff.

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Samantha Lytton #3, THE WRATH OF DIMPLE
is now available!

You can read the blurb & a sample here.