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I have a new series of funny fairy tales for those of us who ain't exactly cartoon princesses.

Meet Princess Poot, THE SHITTIEST PRINCESS, exclusively at  Sure, her father made her wear a bag over her head growing up, and all the neighboring kingdoms' princes leave her horrible Yelp reviews, but plucky Princess Poot never gives up trying to make weird new friends and improving the lot of Kingdomville's women.  Stay tuned for a new story every week!
The RAGNAR AND JULIET saga is now available in one volume for only $.99!


"I can't get enough of these characters, and the writing had me laughing hysterical for most of the book! I really love this author's sense of humor, and while I normally don't read series romance novels involving the same two main characters, for this I would make an exception. More adventures of Ragnar and Juliet, please!!" --shiny new review for Ragnar and Juliet