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a Period Coloring Book

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Humorist Lucy Woodhull has always wanted to create a fun book about periods. There are informational books about periods, and books with lots of white flowers on the cover, but almost none that address how disgusting and awful the whole mess is.


Seriously—who designed this garbage?


Enter: THE CURSE, a very adult coloring book for that bloody time of the month, or any day that sucks ass. But ruining cute underpants isn’t the only thing this tome is about. It’s for everybody, not only those who experience periods. It’s for those crappy days when you fart in the middle of a presentation at work. For when a tail-gaiter tries to drive up your butt without buying you a cocktail first. For when your jerk-face neighbor’s dog poops on your porch. It's here to make you laugh, inspire you, or just give you something to take it all out on.


So color the book! Throw the book! Stab the book! It’s yours to play with at will, preferably while mainlining a pizza.


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